Transformations (and V)

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61. He was surprised to be offered a place in the course (came)
61’. The offer of a place in the course came as a surprise to him

62. If he doesn’t get that job, who knows what he’ll do (knowing)
62’. If he doesn’t get that job, there is no knowing what he’ll do

63. “Do you want to go and see the new play at the …?” Petra asked her friend (interested)
63’. Petra asked her friend whether she was interested in going to see…

64. She hasn’t written to me recently (heard)
64’. I have not heard from her for/in a while

65. They put Roger in charge of health and safety (made)
65’. Roger was made responsible for health and safety

66. You may not get the job (cost)
66’. It may cost you the job

67. The company is almost certain to get the contract (every)
67’. The company stands every chance of getting the contract

68. Her sister is the only person to know (apart)
68’. Nobody apart from her sister knows

69. He would have called yesterday if he had had more time (short)
69’. He didn’t call yesterday because he was short of time

70. He has the ability to become world judo champion (capable)
70’. He is capable of winning the world championship in judo

71. He was asked to give an explanation for making the mistake (why)
71’. He was asked to explain why he made the mistake

72. He didn’t mention that (reference)
72’. He didn’t make any reference to that

73. She was very pleased to be given an award (delight)
73’. Much to her delight she was given the award

74. Sam never thought of asking me for my advice (occurred)
74’. It never occurred to Sam to ask me for advice


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