Gapped Sentences (I)

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En los posts anteriores hemos visto 75 ejemplos de transformations (Part 5 del Use of English). Si llevas bien esos ejemplos, vas muy fino para sacar muchos de los 16 puntos correspondientes a dicha parte -8 frases a 2 puntos-. Las 5 partes suman 63 puntos, así que las Transformations son la parte con más peso ya que supone más del 25% del total.

Ahora comienza la serie de posts dedicados a la Part 4. Son 5 bloques de 3 frases cada una con un gap (hueco). Hay que encontrar la palabra adecuada que encaje correctamente en las 3 frases, así que hay que leer SIEMPRE las 3 frases antes de decidirse, ya que una palabra puede ser fantástica para dos de las frases pero no encajar con la tercera. Ánimo!!

We went over the rough ground
Could you give me a rough idea?
The sea is too rough to go swimming

It’s only a short drive to the station
I’m about 20€ short
It was very short notice

Why don’t you join a sports club?
You’ll have to join that queue
Would you like to join us for a drink?

Peter’s very reliable
A regular and reliable bus service
This computer programme is not reliable

This car can do 200kmh
A week by the sea will do them good
I could do with some help

That knife is very sharp
We are coming to a sharp bend in the road
There has been a sharp increase in food prices

Shake the bottle well
He started to shake with fear
She had to shake him violently to wake him up

A poor area of the town
The plumber did a poor job
I’ve got a very poor memory

Which team do you support?
He has a family to support
Not many people support the government’s proposal

A huge mountain range divides the two countries
A very wide range of goods
These missiles have a range of 600kms

Mind the step!
Would you mind doing something for me?
As it’s on my mind, I’d better tell you

A season ticket
The first match of the season
The holiday season

We sat down and ordered the meal
To be ordered alphabetically
We’ve ordered a new computer

He hasn’t been picked for the team
Freshly picked strawberries
He picked up the letter and read it

He had to stand trial for assault
I learnt through trial and error
We’ve got this photocopier on trial for a month


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