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Aquí os dejo una segunda hornada de truquillos para que hagáis un writing para aprobar esta parte del examen del CAE con holgura. Recuerda que si quieres ejercicios resueltos del CAE puedes encontrarlos aquí.

Hoy vamos a ver cómo mostrar intención o propósito y diferentes formas de indicar causas, detonantes, etc.

Acuérdate de dejarme un comentario con tus sugerencias, me servirá para darte un mejor servicio y estaré muy agradecido!!

Aim or purpose
● aim (to do)

This paper aims to show the influence of technology on the work of artists.


● achieve/attain a goal

It took Mandela over forty years to achieve his goal of a democratic South Africa.


● have intention of +ING

Rafsanjani claimed that Iran had no intention of developing nuclear weapons.




● make (without “to”)

She could always make me laugh.

What makes young people commit crime?

The government’s economic policies have made it unpopular with voters.

The invention of the washing machine made people’s lives a lot easier.


● cause (sth + to do): Generalmente se usa para cosas negativas

The crisis caused oil prices to rise dramatically.

High fat diets can cause heart disease.


● lead to

This research could eventually lead to a cure for many serious illnesses.

Overfishing has led to a collapse in the numbers of tuna and cod in the Atlantic.


● trigger: Disparar en el sentido de iniciar, provocar.

The First World War was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.


● arise from

Inter-ethnic unrest in central Asia is just one of the problems arising from the breakup of the Soviet Union.


● be a (major/key) factor in

Public outcry against the cuts was a major factor in the government’s decision to rethink their austerity measures.

Her lack of good looks was, paradoxically, a key factor in her success – millions of people saw her as a kind of anti-celebrity.

The study tried to identify the key factors affecting economic change.


● source

Housework can become a major source of conflict between couples.

The fact that the two words are so similar can be a source of confusion.