Ejemplo Writing CAE – Reference Letter

Muy buenos días compañeros!! Hoy os traigo una reference letter que nos pide un amigo que mandemos a la empresa para la que quiere fichar.

Siendo el tipo de carta que es, lo primero es recomendar a nuestro amigo para el puesto. Sé que suena a obvio…pero os asustaríais de la de ejemplos que me han pedido corregir en los que NI se menciona una palabra relacionada con recomendar. Por supuesto, también debemos mantener un tono formal, piensa que en español no le dirías al Director de RRHH de la empresa: “Mi amigo es un tío cojonudo, amigo de sus amigos y se parte los huevos por todos.” Que igual es cierto y queda más claro así, pero no es el tono que se espera en este ejercicio.

Os dejo con la que escribí yo. A practicar y a aprobar el Advanced!!


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you with regard to John Smith, who has recently applied for the job as a receptionist in your college.

First of all, he is native English speaker from Manchester, so English is his mother tongue. Regarding his capacity to deal with people, John loves it. Actually, he has been managing a blog for several years and he is extremely used to be in touch with a wide range of people who follows his website: from teenagers to elderlies, from Europe to Asia. As well, in his personal life, he is hugely sociable. He has always been regarded as friendly and the kind of person you could always rely on. He is there whenever you need him, standing by you.

Talking about his skills, he has got a master degree in business administration. As soon as he finished the degree he got an excellent job in Japan, where he learnt to deal with people with almost an opposite culture. This experience enriched him a lot. It was such a success that he was rapidly promoted from his initial position as an international project manager to director of the department. Due to personal concerns he had to come back  and now you have the great opportunity to have John in your work team.

Taking all of this into account, I would highly recommend to take John’s application into consideration. After years of studying with him and knowing his natural talent to work with the public, I am convinced that John will fulfill your expectations. Without any hesitation, he is a very suitable candidate for the job.

Yours faithfully,

Alvaro Campuzano


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