Ejemplo Writing CAE Advanced – Essay (2)

Buenas!! Seguimos con la tirada de Writings. En esta ocasión vuelvo al Essay, la temática es muy actual, comunicaciones. Y también da mucho juego para incluir vocabulario relacionado con la tecnología, que siempre solemos controlarlo más ya que usamos las mismas palabras inglesas en español.

Espero que os sea útil el ejemplo, en breve os cuelgo más!!



There is no doubt about the exponential growth that has taken place in the last decade in the area of communications. Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp are just a few examples of the dozens of new means of communication that have emerged in the last few years.

Few people would dispute the fact that we are at just one-touch distance from anybody, no matter where the other person is. But, does it necessarily mean that we are communicating in a more effective way? It is my firm belief that we are.

However, it may be thought the contrary, in the sense that we do not invest enough time in maintaining quality conversations. But, does it mean that they are not effective? Thinking about communication in the very strict sense of the word, it consists of transmitting a message from the transmitter to the receiver through a communication channel. No matter which channel you have chosen, the point is to get the message across.

To conclude, and talking from my experience as a telecommunication engineer, no one would dispute that Social Media (also known as the web 2.0) has raised the effectiveness of communications to superlative levels. Nothing more than a smartphone in your hand is needed to be in touch with whoever you need to, whenever you want to. Talking to your friend that is on the other side of the world, sharing a picture or making an appointment, are some examples of outstanding communication methods. These are just a few examples of how we do, undoubtedly, communicate more effectively than ever.


4 thoughts on “Ejemplo Writing CAE Advanced – Essay (2)

  1. En los writings hay fallos de speaking…en otro he leído sublimes como adjetivo que en todo caso sería sublime y he leído specially cuando sería especially en su significado de en particular

    1. Hola Mjbb!
      Entiendo que quieres decir fallos de spelling. Gracias por detectar el de sublimes.
      Respecto a especially/specially, en el ebook está corregido a especially. Aprovecho para explicar: ESPECIALLY se utiliza como “sobre todo” y SPECIALLY “especialmente, para un fin determinado” lo que hace que la línea ya sea fina de inicio. Además, a la hora de usarse con el significado de “particularmente”, son prácticamente sinónimos, ya que la diferencia está en si quieres destacar la excepcionalidad de algo (especially) o lo que lo hace diferente (specially). Así que, perfectamente pueden utilizarse sin considerarse un error. En todo caso, gracias de nuevo por tomarte la molestia de comentarlo, así seguro que aclaramos algo que a todos nos habrá hecho dudar alguna vez.
      Un saludo!

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