Ejemplo Writing CAE Advanced – Review

Hola a todos y bienvenidos al primer POST INVITADO de la historia del blog. Nuestra compañera Amaia, ha querido compartir con todos un ejemplo de REVIEW que ha tenido una muy alta puntuación.

Amaia es una fiel seguidora del blog, profesional de la Educación y, sin duda, una de las personas más activas dentro de la comunidad de Aprobar el CAE. Desde aquí te vuelvo a dar las gracias por tu ejemplo de Writing, Amaia. Espero que sea el primero de muchos posts invitados, ya que ahí radica el potencial real de este blog, crear una comunidad de intercambio de ejercicios resueltos, donde todos cobréis protagonismo aportando ejercicios. A mí me tocará seleccionar y revisar para asegurar que cumple el propósito del blog, ofrecer ejercicios reales de examen y consejos muy específicos para aprobar el Advanced.

Os dejo con el REVIEW, a trabajar y feliz semana!


Ever since I started learning English I have found quite handy watching TV series, specially those which are perfectly subtitled, in order to follow the plot properly. In fact, it is quite useful if you are actually interested in improving your skills, when it comes to listening and speaking.

On the other hand, I have been in search of the series which catches my attention and it took me very long until I finally put my finger on it. The TV series knowns as Downton Abbey is the best I have ever seen, and in the following lines I would like to explain why.

It is set in England during and after the First World War. The whole plot takes place in the area called Downton, the castle of Earl Lord Gratham, his family and the service staff. Although the story is focused on the Lord’s family, the service has an important part to play, as the world is changing continuously and the nobility is getting old-fashioned.

The main point in this series is that every character has been absolutely developed, with its own characteristics and personalities. Even the backgrounds are cleverly definited what makes an intriguing and dramatic script. Needless to say, the actors are sublimes and they give their touch to their role, specially Maggie Smith, which is one of my favourite actress.

Because of all these reasons, I highly recommend taking into account Downton Abbey to be included in your top ten list.


3 thoughts on “Ejemplo Writing CAE Advanced – Review

  1. Hay errores en el texto:

    – knowns –> known
    – definited –> defined
    – one of my favorite actress –> actresses

    Esos he detectado yo. Un saludo.

    1. Hola Mihaela, gracias por las correcciones. Es posible que se deban a errores míos de transcripción o, simplemente error mío por no haber revisado bien el writing (es común que escriba desde el móvil, todo más rápido pero menos visión)
      Procedo a corregirlos!!
      Saludos y gracias 🙂

      1. Hello,
        Please just correct the following adjective:
        The actors are sublime: without “s” in the plurial form.
        See you.

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